Choosing the Right Boarding Facility for Your Pet

Nov 11, 2021

When it comes to boarding there are many kennels and cattery options available.  The trick is to find one that suits your pet and meets your families’ requirements.

Read through these tips and if you are undecided give our team a call on Pymble 9499 4010 or Killara 8350 5678 and they will help point you in the right direction. 

Cattery at The Village Vet

The Village Vet have on-sight purpose built and architect designed cat condos at both Pymble and Killara with private litter area, bedroom and even a play-run for the cats.  Feel free to come and see our facilities.  If you are interested, book early as they fill up fast.

Kennels for Dogs at Hanrob Pet Hotels

We recommend the Hanrob Pet Hotels. The Village Vet can arrange free pick up and drop off from our clinic to Hanrob.  For more information on pickups and drop-offs, call The Village Vet Pymble 9499 4010 or Killara 8350 5678.

The Pymble Vet Hanrob Boarding
The Village Vet Partner with Hanrob Dog Kennels

Where to Start Your Search for a Suitable Boarding Facility

Leaving your pet is always a little daunting whether you know the people who are looking after your fur-babies or if it’s their first time being left with a stranger.  However, most pets settle well once they know their new surroundings and get familiar with their new daily routines.

The Key to a Successful Holiday Stay for Your Pet is by Planning Well in Advance

1/  Vaccinations

Any reputable boarding facility, including The Village Vet’s Cattery, will require evidence of full and up to date vaccinations prior to boarding.  Take care that your vaccines have been administered at least two weeks prior to the boarding start date as medications take this time to become effective.  Be sure to check this time frame with your boarders well in advance.

2/  Ask your friends and neighbours for their recommendations.  

If you are still unsure about where is right for you, call our team on 9499 4010.

The chances are your friends will be as passionate and caring of their animals as you are with yours, so they may well have done most of the homework for you.

3/  Book yourself in… Maybe not overnight… but ask for a site visit and check their facilities out for yourself.  Here are some things to look out for:

Cleaning:  Is it clean?  How often do they clean?  Will my pet be moved during cleaning?

Atmosphere:  Do the animals look relaxed and happy?  Do the staff like animals? How do they handle your pet? Do they ask about your pet’s character traits?  Does the boarding facility have security?

Exercise:  Where is the exercise areas? How often do the animals have access to this area?  Do they socialise with other animals?  If so, how are these socialisation groups selected?

Sleeping:  Is the bedding clean?  Is it raised off the floor? Does your pet have sheltered rest areas for day and night-time?

Care:  How often do they feed your pet? What is their accident/sickness policy? What emergency veterinary service do they use in case of need? Are their staff trained veterinarians?  Give them your own vet’s contact details.

4/  Follow their advice.  

Most boarding house owners have years of experience.  They know their animals well and can assess very quickly how yours will cope. 

Some boarding facilities will suggest a couple of short boarding visits lasting either a few hours or a weekend.  This will give you and your pet the confidence to book that necessary longer stay.

When you collect your pet, check how they look and react.  You know your pet better than anyone and taking notice of their condition will give you a feel for how they have been treated and how they coped during their stay. 

Many pets may reduce their food intake while in kennels.  This is mostly due to temporary settling nerves and will most likely balance out after a day or so.  If there is a serious issue, the boarding house will identify this and take necessary action where appropriate.

Make sure to the boarding staff are clear about what dietary requirements or medications your pet needs and frequency of doses.  Write these down so they have something to refer to for alternative staff shifts.

Still Not Sure?

Book online or call The Village Vet Pymble 9499 4010 or Killara 8350 5678 directly to discuss your options or use us as a sounding board if you have boarding questions, you would like clarity on.  We are here to help you and your pets be comfortable and happy, even when sometimes you need to holiday separately.


  • Hanrob Pet Hotels Website
  • VetWest Website

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