Working from Home. How to Make it Work for You and your Pet.

Feb 1, 2022

Image by Robert Couse-Baker

There is no doubt, pets are the winners through the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Having their family around leads to a feeling of security and comfort. 

When working from home, it is important to:

  • Maintain a normal routine for your pet by starting and finishing at the same time each day.  When taking a break, make sure you check in with your pets for some quality time and use this as their walk time for dogs or play time for cats etc.
  • Provide an “alone” time space.  It is important to give your pets some secure time on their own.  Animals behave differently when they are left to themselves. 
  • Exercise your pets before their alone time starts.  This will allow time to release energy in a positive way and is less likely to lead to unwanted behaviours such as chewing, digging, scratching etc. A slow walk is actually better than zoomies or playing chase as it will work to calm your pet rather than raising the level of excitement.  
  • Give cats some hidey hole type spaces where they can retreat and not be “found” by humans for a while.  
  • When coming and going from home without your pet, make sure these are un-dramatic moments. Making them routine and fuss-free will reduce the stress prompters for your pet.  

How to make an “alone space” secure and enriching.  

  • Hide food around the yard or house for them to find.  
  • Use puzzle feeders or “kongs” to make their meal times last longer and become more challenging and stimulating for your pet.
  • Leave chew toys out for them and rotate these daily to provide greater interest.
  • Bones of the correct size and type are useful for a working from home treat.  Do not give bones to animals unsupervised as this may lead to choking accidents.  Read through our blog on

Pets During Isolation

For tips on caring for pets while their owners are in isolation, read our blog on Tips During Isolation for Pets.


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