Rescue Kittens Adoption Program: How the Magic Happens

Rescue kitten adoption program
Jun 17, 2024

Our adoption kittens all have their very own story.  Here’s how they all start out.

We are proud of our rescue kittens and grateful to our suppliers who can make this happen more.  Read about their story here.

STEP 1: Kittens Arrive from Westie Cat Support

We have an ongoing relationship with Westie Cat Support Services who will send us a kitten (or two) when needed.  As soon as we have availability in our little cat rehoming enclosures at each clinic we happily take on more. We usually take 2 kittens at anyone time and rehome these before taking on the next kittens. All these cats are strays or have been abandoned.  Westie Cat are an amazing team of people who invest huge amounts of time and emotional energy finding stray cats a good home.  We are delighted to help where we can.

When the kittens arrive, amongst great excitement… they are given a thorough check-over by one of our veterinarians.  This work is done pro-bono by our vets who personally want to support our cause.

STEP 2: Thorough Health Checks by our Staff

One of our dedicated Vet Nurses will then clean the kitten, de-flea and check for ticks or other parasites and administer worming medications. The medications given and time spent in this initial phase is also something we at The Village Vet do pro-bono to be sure we are giving the kittens the best start they can in finding a new forever home and getting them healthy and fit for rehoming.

STEP 3: Pathology Kits from Life Bioscience & Zoetis

Our vets then collect blood from the kittens are they are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. In the past we have always purchased these blood testing kits ourselves however recently we reached out to two great companies Life Bioscience and Zoetis who have kindly started to help us out with the supply of these test kits. This means we can offer more help to more kittens in need. This is a critical step in ensuring the kittens have a long and healthy future and do not spread infections to other multi-cat households or to other cats in our neighbourhood.  

STEP 4: Zoetis Help Vaccinate our Kittens

When all the pathology and routine checks are complete and the kittens are considered fit for vaccination we will go ahead and vaccinate them. Zoetis have kindly started to assist us in some of the supply of these F3 vaccines.

STEP 5: Purina Help Feed our Kittens

By now, the rescue kitten is ready to be re-homed.  While we put the word out, our kittens will be fed special kitten formula food donated by the wonderful team Purina Pro Plan.  

STEP 6: Kittens Live Happy Ever After Adopted by Our Amazing Community

It’s then over to our wonderful community to share our cute kitten posts and videos and tell everyone that a new kitten has arrived in town and needs a home.  And so the magic comes together and they will find their homes with loving families in our community.  

But the story continues…  staff at The Village Vet have the great privilege of watching him or her grow into a happy and health adult cat as we look forward to visits over the coming years.

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