Climate change is our responsibility.  

Certified Under Vets for Climate Action

We have been gifted with a world of wonder and delight – a mysterious and magnificent ocean coupled with beautifully diverse flora and fauna. And there’s so much we can do today to protect and preserve our precious planet.

With you as our client, The Village Vet is helping to make this happen. “If you love an animal then climate change is important to you too.”

We have a responsibility to look after our planet by limiting our business impacts through sustainable practises and fulfilling our duty of care by protecting our environment and animals around the world.

Vets for Climate Action

Climate Care Program

February 2024 Update

The Village Vet veterinary practice have completed the Vets for Climate Action (VfCA) Climate Care Program in February 2024 (we started in July 2022)! 

The VfCA Climate Care Program is a comprehensive program developed to help us reduce emissions and be an environmentally sustainable business.

Our Climate Champions

A big thanks to our dedicated Climate Champions, Alex Zarzycki and Gina Shergill who have worked tirelessly with our team to identify improvements and implement changes that support environmental sustainability.  Our Climate Champions learn about key aspects of sustainability in veterinary practice, and how making improvements in these areas helps conserve precious natural resources, reduce pollution and, most pressingly, mitigate climate change.

Six Modules of Sustainability & Implementation

  1. Water for Life (July 2022): Where our water comes from and the impacts of climate change on our water supply. Assess your water use and make simple changes to save money and protect our precious water resources.
  2. No Time to Waste (February 2023): What happens to waste and how this contributes to climate change. Learn how to be more efficient at using and disposing of resources to reduce your costs and keep waste out of landfill.
  3. Energy Efficiency (October 2023): How our energy use contributes to climate change and understanding energy use in your practice. Implement simple changes to improve your energy efficiency and save money.
  4. The Power of Renewables (November 2023): The types of renewable energy and how your practice can purchase, produce, store and use energy from renewable sources. Start reducing your carbon footprint so your practice can eventually become carbon neutral!
  5. Buying for a Better Future (January 2024): Introduces the concepts of ethical procurement and the circular economy and explores the buying power of practices and how we can use this to advocate for better products and services.
  6. Healthcare without Harm: Using anaesthetic gases, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, and other chemicals to care for your patients and keep your teams safe while minimising their environmental impact.

    Recycling for Pet Food Packaging

    Terracycle Soft Plastic bin sponsored by Royal Canin in our Killara Hospital waiting room.  Drop your plastic with either Pymble or Killara reception and they will sure it goes in the recycling bin.

    We collect all brands of cat or dog food packaging including dry food bags and wet food pouches.  Our recycling box is located in our reception area, so please ensure wet food packaging is clean and dry.

    Once collected by Terracycle, the cat and dog food bags are cleaned and shredded. They are then melted down and pelletised to be recycled into new products. 

    Sustainable Business Practices

    Our Best Practices Implemented in 2024 (updated January 2024):

    • Vets for Climate Action, Climate Care Program Completed by our Climate Champion, Alexandra Zarzycki.

    Our Best Practices Implemented in 2023:

    • All patient and client forms now digital.
    • Vets for Climate Action, Climate Care Program – Module 3 & 4 Passed in November 2023.
    • Appointed additional Climate Champion in April 2023.
    • Introduction of Terracycle Soft Plastic bin sponsored by Royal Canin in our Killara Hospital waiting room.
    • Fundraising hampers for all sponsors now supplied in cardboard boxes.
    • Baskets for festive decorations sourced from preloved stores.

    Our Best Practices Implemented in 2022:

    • Vets for Climate Action, Climate Care Program – Module 1 complete.
    • Printed items using 100% recycled paper.
    • Converted to digital forms where possible.
    • Actively working with suppliers to recycle waste from food packaging and other products.
    • Purchase of additional recycling bin from Kuringai Council.
    • Membership of the Vets for Climate Action (VFCA).