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IV fluids:

You can feel comforted knowing that all our patients are treated as required with intra-operative fluids. This allows excellent maintenance of blood pressure throughout the anaesthetic and replaces any fluid or electrolyte loss due to bleeding, sickness or dehydration. It makes every anaesthetic safer and every pets recovery more pleasant. Our patients go home far less affected by the anaesthetic drugs when they have been rehydrated peri-operatively.

Pain relief:

Patients require appropriate pain relief during and after surgery. Your pet will receive appropriate pain relief as part of their stay in hospital today. Your vet may send your pet home with additional medication today if necessary.Should your pet have any adverse reactions to anti-inflammatories of any kind that you know of please make us aware.

Our vets highly recommend blood-testing prior to this procedure today for several reasons:
  1. To allow us to choose most appropriate fluid therapy today as indicated by the blood test. This may mean replacing electrolytes and fluids due to blood loss, dehydration or illness. We can also supplement the fluid with glucose if required.
  2. To give us an evaluation of organ function. The kidney and liver are responsible for breaking down the anaesthetic and are the first organs to be adversely affected by anaesthesia.
  3. We also run a CBC (complete blood count) which gives us valuable information about inflammation, clotting ability, anaemias and immune function. Chronic low grade anaemias are sometimes the first markers of disease and can easily go unnoticed.
  4. In addition to organ evaluation and the CBC, the calcium level can act as a marker of early cancer and other disorders.
Should your pet have any adverse reactions to anti-inflammatories of any kind that you know of please make us aware.
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