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$25 off Cat Tick Clips
$25 off Cat Tick Clips for all Long Haired Cats

Does your long haired beauty need a summer hair cut?  Book today to make the most of this month's offer.

Why is it Important to Clip my Cat’s Hair?

By clipping a cat’s long hair, you are able to identify ticks sooner and have more chance of preventing a deadly paralysis tick sickness.  If you think your pet may be suffering from a tick bite or the tick is still attached to your pet, start monitoring their symptoms and call us immediately on 9499 4010 or 8350 5678.  Symptoms include wobbliness, weakness, agitation, unusual breathing patterns, grunts with exhaling.  

It is important to check your animals daily, particularly around the face, ears, stomach, paws and armpits.  Use your finger tips to feel your pet’s coat from head to toe, taking note of any small bumps.


Offer Available at following Clinics

Pymble and Killara Clinics
Offer Expires: Tuesday 31-Oct-2023
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