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Cat Care

Full Veterinary Hospital Services

We provide full wellbeing, diagnostic, medical and referral specialist services for all feline patients. 

Ceva Calm Clinic

The Village Vet team love cats and we appreciate they have special care requirements when it comes to managing a stressful veterinary visit. 

We are a member of the Ceva Calm Clinic Pheromone Program.  While this program includes techniques for dog handling too, it greatly improves the wellbeing of a cats visit to the vet.

Our staff are trained in pre-visit medication techniques, distractions for calm handling and correct pheromone use.

Feliway In Clinic

Cat pheromone therapy is clinically proven to help reduce stress in cats.  Our practice locations and our cat condos in both Pymble and Killara are fitted with Feliway diffusers.  

Cat Consultation Room – Killara

Our Killara Hospital has a dedicated cat consultation room and the cat waiting area is in a quiet reception area where dog access is restricted.  Please ask our staff to book our cat consultation room when you make your appointment. 

Radiation Therapy I-131 – Sydney Hyperthyroid Cat Hospital

Feline hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland becomes enlarged and produces excess thyroid hormone. It is a very common disease in older cats.

Radioactive Iodine (I-131) therapy is the gold standard treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats.  We have on-site, state of the art equipment available at our Sydney Hyperthyroid Cat Hospital, located at our Killara practice.

A single treatment will cure 95% of cats. It is a safe treatment with minimal side effects eliminating the need for lifelong tablets.

For more information about this treatment go to our Sydney Hyperthyroid Cat Hospital website. 

Cat Boarding

The Village Vet has a total of 14 luxury, purpose-built cat condos onsite where cats are cared for by our very own staff.   We have six condos in Pymble and eight in Killara.

Each cat condo has the following facilities:

  • A private litter tray and separate bedroom to themselves.
  • Individual, private area where they can quietly be by themselves.
  • A visible “let’s chat!” area where they can interact from the safety of their holiday home.
  • Play-run, enrichment area with an adventure tunnel or climbing shelf where your cat can exercise with interactive toys.
  • Feliway diffusers help your cat feel relaxed, safe and at home.
  • Regular staff cuddles throughout the day.

Adoption Kittens

Every year The Village Vet finds forever homes for 20+ kittens. Some are adopted together as siblings, others separately.

All the kittens we receive come from rescue shelters like Westie Cat Support Services and they all desperately need homes. None of the kittens are ever obtained through breeders, agencies or shops.

During their stay with us, the kittens will receive a thorough health check, vaccinations, parasite treatments, microchipping, desexing and any care they require. We tell our community about them; their names, personalities and history and we invite our neighbours to come in and play with and cuddle them (always supervised by our staff).  When we find a loving home for them, we make sure they are old enough, healthy and suitable for the family before they move to their new forever homes. 

There is a small fee payable by the adopting family to cover some of the medical costs outlaid by The Village Vet.  Costs will vary depending on the extent of medical attention they required on arrival.

If you would like to know more about our adoptions, would like to be added to our waitlist, or are ready to adopt one (or two!) kittens, please call us at the Pymble Clinic on 9499 4010 or Killara Hospital on 8350 5678. Our receptionists would be happy to help you.

First time to a Village Vet Clinic

We want to ensure your first time experience with our clinics is fuss free, its why we have a guide for first time visitors to our clinics.


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The village vet clinics located on the North Shore of Sydney in Killara and Pymble, servicing the areas of Gordon, Tummurra, St Ives, Hornsby, Northern Beaches and beyond.

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