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Routine dentistry, plaque removal, gum disease treatment and emergency dental surgery. 

Periodontal disease affects more than half of all pets over the age of 4 years.  Periodontal disease is one of the most common problems we encounter at The Village Vet. Maintaining your pet’s oral health is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership.

The Village Vet has on-site, state-of-the-art dental equipment and dental radiology. All our veterinarians and vet nurses are fully qualified to identify, treat and advise you on your pet’s dental needs including extractions or surgery where required.

Dental Examinations

Regular dental check-ups are essential to assess the oral health of your pets. Our experienced veterinarians conduct thorough examinations, checking for signs of dental issues such as plaque, tartar, gum disease and excessive wearing down of your pet’s teeth. Early detection allows for prompt intervention and preventive measures.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

  1. Scale and Polish

Our dental cleaning procedures ensure the removal of plaque and tartar build-up. We use safe and effective techniques to clean both the visible and hidden surfaces of your pet’s teeth. This helps prevent periodontal disease and keeps their breath fresh.

  1. Halitosis (“dog breath”) Treatment

Your pet’s teeth are exactly like ours so just imagine not getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist for a few years?  Plaque soon builds up on teeth which hardens and becomes tartar (dental calculus).  Tartar builds-up on teeth leading to gum inflammation and infection called gingivitis.  Gingivitis is the gum infection that you are smelling as “dog breath” otherwise known as halitosis.  Halitosis may be treated with routine scale and polishes to ensure your pet leaves with a healthy mouth and fresh breath. 

Dental X-rays

For a more in-depth evaluation, we offer dental X-rays to assess the health of your pet’s teeth and jaw. This enables us to identify any hidden issues such as tooth decay, abscesses, or fractures that may not be apparent during a routine examination. 

Tooth Extractions

When necessary, our skilled veterinarians perform tooth extractions with the utmost care. This may be required in cases of severe dental disease or to alleviate pain and discomfort. We prioritize your pet’s comfort and recovery during and after the procedure. 

Dental Surgery

In instances where advanced dental care is needed, we offer a range of dental surgeries. Our team is trained to perform procedures such as root canals, gum surgeries and other complex dental treatments. 

At Home Dental Care

Prevention is key to maintaining optimal oral health. We provide education on at-home dental care, including proper brushing techniques, the use of dental chews, and selecting the right dental diet. These practices contribute to your pet’s overall well-being.

Note on Brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds

Overcrowding in brachycephalic (flat-faced breeds) or retained baby (milk) teeth can lead to problems such as gum or lip irritation which means they are predisposed to tartar build-up.  Keep on-top of their dental health checks and seek help from The Village Vet if you are in any way unsure of your pet’s dental health.

Specialist Referrals 

Where required, we will refer our clients to one of our trusted specialist partners.  Over the years we have been lucky to work closely with several key specialists, including dentists.  Specialists work as independent practitioners in their field of excellence and pulling in a specialist where needed gives your pet the best chance of a speedy recovery.  We will continue to closely monitor your pet’s recovery after their procedure.

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