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Puppies and Kittens

Do you have a new fur-family member?  Wondering what to do next?  The Village Vet is here to help.

Information on Pet Choices Here…

Still looking for your new pet?  Our blog site  has information on what to look out for when adopting, buying from breeders, animal choices, breed choices and so much more.

Health Checks

Regardless of where your puppy or kitten has come from, a thorough health check is the best way to start your pet’s wellbeing program.  Our veterinarian will cover the following wellness, medical, social and nutritional aspects:

  • Nose to tail health check.
  • Vaccinations or any follow up required.
  • Parasite treatments – flea, tick, worming medications.
  • Microchipping and updating microchip details.
  • Pet registration information and pet ownership requirements.
  • Desexing if required.
  • Socialisation check-in for behavioural flags.
  • Nutritional advice and food recommendations.
  • Exercise requirements and weight management.

This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions and schedule any follow up visits.

Puppy School and Dog Training 

John Vella is our recommended dog behavioural and trainer specialist. Puppy socialisation classes are fun and relaxed and senior classes are specialised and targeted. John utilises positive reinforcement training methods only.

John Vella Mobile: 0400707388
Email: john@caninewise.com.au
Visit: www.caninewise.com.au

Is Training Important?

Puppy school and dog training is the key to unlocking a happy and healthy relationship with your dog! Training not only teaches your dog basic obedience commands, but also helps improve their overall behaviour and socialisation skills.

Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, investing time in their training can make all the difference.

First time to a Village Vet Clinic

We want to ensure your first time experience with our clinics is fuss free, its why we have a guide for first time visitors to our clinics.


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Meet & Greet

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic and caring for your pet

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