The Village Vet Team

Meet Aoife from The Village Vet Team.
Aoife Berry
Animal Attendant

I started working for West Pymble Vet at 14 years of age. I love animals and caring for animals. Seeing stray animals who were sick and unwell and animals that were injured inspired me to ask the local vet for a job in the hope for an education on how to help save these animals. I started this job to create pathways for me to fulfil my dream of being a wildlife vet who goes out into remote areas and countries to help endangered and native animals. I have continued to work for The Village Vet as the community is kind and everyone is welcoming. The clinic creates a sense of belonging the moment you walk through the doors, starting with the hello from the receptionist, then the vet, the nurse and everyone else as you gradually make your way to the back of the clinic. The Village Vet is a great community and provides much love and compassion toward all animals.