The Village Vet Team

Meet Alexandra from The Village Vet Team.
Alexandra Zarzycki
Animal Attendant

Alexandra completed her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience Degree at the University of Sydney in 2018. She has a keen interest in veterinary science and wants to better understand how she could work towards and contribute to improving animal welfare. This has led her to study animal science and husbandry.

As part of her Bioscience Degree, she volunteered with animal care on sheep and horse farms and held volunteer positions at research organisations for companion animal food & medicine, a dairy research organisation and zoos. She really enjoyed studying the behavioural focused research conducted at the zoos, particularly studying how animals responded to visitor interactions, their welfare and vocalisations.

Alexandra also gained her Honours project studying the genetics of Neural Tube Defects in puppies and in June 2021 she completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies. This gave her greater insight into animal handling skills and a more practical understanding of pet care.

Alexandra is currently studying Veterinary Nursing at Bankstown TAFE. She has a pet Cockatiel named Sweetheart and likes to spend time reading, listen to music and visiting zoos and museums.

Employee photo of alex from the Village Vet