The Village Vet Team

Meet Gina from The Village Vet Team.
Gina Shergill
Senior Veterinary Nurse

Gina is one of the Senior Veterinary Nurses and an integral member of the team at the Village Vets.

She completed her Animal Studies course in 2017 and then went on to complete her Veterinary Nursing course in 2019. She joined our team as a volunteer in order to carry out her required work experience. Gina’s hard work, commitment and compassion towards the animals in her care made her a perfect fit for The Village Vet and began working with us full time in 2019.

Gina has a passion for animal care and nursing development and is largely responsible for Tafe and work experience student progress and performance. She contributes to the daily running of the clinic and ensures that the surgical and medical ward is running smoothly at all times. Her leadership skills and nursing knowledge are an asset to have in the team.

In her spare time, Gina loves spending time with her beloved dog Sofles and Domestic Shorthair cat Zeppelin.

Employee photo of Gina from the Village Vet