The Village Vet Team

Meet Tess from The Village Vet Team.
Tess McIntyre
Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Tess started off as a volunteer with The Village Vets in 2016 while she was still at school and was soon employed as an animal attendant. In 2019 Tess completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and is currently in her second year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Sydney University.

In her permanent role as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse with The Village Vets, Tess is gaining experience while using her natural talent for working with animals. Tess is a joy to have on our team and is just at the beginning of her veterinary career. We are excited to see where her passions for Veterinary Medicine takes her.

In her spare time Tess loves to go bushwalking with Cc, her Jack Russel cross terrier.

Employee photo of Tess from the Village Vet