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Pawfect Paw Collars & Leads for Cats & Dogs
15% Discount on Pawfect Paw Products

At The Village Vet we like to share good ideas when we see one.  We think Pawfect Pet ID Collars are a great one!  Check out the colour and style options at

  • No need for tags that get rusty and pull loose on branches etc.
  • Names and phone numbers are easy and clear to read, even at a distance.  
  • Handy for hard to catch escapees.  
  • Colours are custom made, just as you like them.
  • Matching leads also available.

When you have chosen your style and colour go to and order online using our PAWFECT 2022 code.

Pawfect Paw is an Australian company that have been producing collars and pet accessories for 17 years.  These pet collars have your pet’s name and contact details embroidered onto them directly.  They come in a wide variety of colour combinations, widths and lengths to suit your pet’s personal style!

We have a sample display of Pawfect Pet products in the clinic so if you’d like to come by to take a look before you buy online, our staff will be happy to show you.

Ordering is simple and delivery is contact free, directly to your door.

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Black curly-haired small dog wearing a collar with the name 'Dion' with a background of white flowers.