The Village Vet: Zoetis Vetscan Imagyst Diagnostic Technology

Jul 20, 2023

Dr Martine Perkins BVSc (Syd Hons) MANZCVS MRCV, Owner and Senior Veterinarian, The Village Vet is excited to announce the addition of the Zoetis Vetscan Imagyst machine to our veterinary practice. 

At The Village Vet, we pride ourselves in leading the way in veterinary practice.  This means learning about new technologies and being a proactive early adopter of these technologies where they will benefit our clients, their pets and our staff.  The Imagyst does just that.

The Imagyst is a technology that can read and interpret test results in minutes, in-house, rather than waiting days for external testing to be returned.  

The technology is complex but the idea is simple: Once The Village Vet veterinarians have taken a blood-smear , faecal sample, cell or skin sample from your pet, they are able to make a slide and then scan the slide through the Imagyst immediately.  The Imagyst accesses AI technology plus remote expert clinical pathologists to deliver a result to your veterinarian within minutes.  Your vet will then be able to plan and commence treatment immediately.

“Just last week we diagnosed a rare infection in a dog during a single consultation.” Says Dr Martine.  “If we had waited three days for the results, the dog would have needed emergency hospitalisation in addition to the medical treatment.  Using the Imagyst equipment we were able to avoid hospitalisation and commence medication immediately.”

Additionally, the Imagyst makes it possible for The Village Vet staff to show pet owners results in a tangible and easy to understand report.  This makes communication between staff and pet owners transparent and encourages full understanding of treatment plans and optimum pet health care.

This first of its kind technology means The Village Vet veterinarians can make important treatment decisions sooner. Pet owners do not need to watch their pet’s condition deteriorate while waiting for test results; correct treatment can commence immediately saving pet owners time and money and providing the best possible care to our client’s pets.

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